Bent House adventure video game

As a fan of classic adventure point and click games like the ones by LucasArts, Sierra or Revolution, I have always wanted one day to make a video game of my own.
In my spare time and with the help of RPG Maker I worked on “Bent House” for the past three years, so here it is!

While travelling on a stormy night, your car runs out of gas in front of a mysterious and dilapidated house.
After the host offers you to stay for the night, you find yourself locked in your room. Will you be able to escape the mansion while uncovering the horrors it hides?

Here’s the download link for the Windows version (225 MB):

Here’s the download link for the Android version (106 MB):

IMPORTANT:  The Android version can say it will be harmful to your phone. Pelase install it despite of this, I swear it doesn’t have any virus! 🙂 Also, the app icon can be hidden after installation so check you app list for it.

If you complete the game, please write me an email!!

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