Take a big breath for a moment.
Turn off your iphone and computer and have a break.
Forget that colorful, tempestuous and numb overflow of images, feelings and information that you are exposed from the morning until evening.

From your everyday life mix of work, relationship, family, sex, politics, shallow celebrities, advertisement, violence, sports, how much can you still feel?
Sometimes the lights are too bright, sometimes everything happens too fast.

My illustrations pretend to be a break from the usual visual or neutral subjects, by presenting a fresh but relatable social and psychological content on important things we see and feel everyday, but that are too busy to give it a thought.

“What are the relations of violence between social classes?”, “Is our perception of reality becoming fully dependant on technology?”, “What are the elements that constrain our expression within our materialistic society?“, are just some of the questions addressed by the works and hopefully…. by you.